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Home > Hoplarchus psittacus for sale the true parrot cichlid

Hoplarchus psittacus for sale the true parrot cichlid

  Hoplarchus psittacus with 1 day old fry
Hoplarchus psittacus photo credit: Kim Kasnes
Hoplarchus psittacus is a South American cichlid which is endemic to the blackwater rivers in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. This species has been in the hobby for quite a while and has been consistently imported. The nickname for H. psittacus is the parrot cichlid but it seems that more folks think of the hybrid cichlid which shares the same name. Presently this cichlid belongs to a monotypic genus, Hoplarchus, which means that it is currently the only cichlid in the genus. The true parrot cichlid can reach some fifteen inches in length and requires a large aquarium to house them. H. pssittacus is one of those cichlids that is very popular among hobbyists who fancy South American cichlids.


Hoplarchus psittacus breeding pair with fry video


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